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In Denmark’s most south-western corner, and in the middle of the flat marshlands, lies the capital of the marshlands, Højer.

In the middle of the town in Højer is the Marskhotellet.

Højer is a lively town and known for its beautiful houses, its good butcher, artisans, clothing designers, The Lock and Højer Mill.

Everywhere you are welcomed with open arms and we always make sure that you will feel welcome.

With us you can relax and spend the night after a refreshing trip at the Wadden Sea or Marsh Trail. We have both holiday apartments for holiday guests and rooms for individual nights


Oyster Tours

Pick your own oysters and experience the fantastic of eating a freshly opened oyster in the middle of the Wadden Sea.



At Marskhotellet you can book Massage and Reflexology. The therapist comes to your room and gives you the treatment.


Black Sun

Experience the magnificent phenomenon of dancing movements of the starlings forming fascinating patterns in the sky.

Guided Tours

You can book guided tours in the Marsh and the Wadden Sea. We offer unique experiences for old and yong people..

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54 km long hiking route where you experience the marsh landscape with canals, lakes, unique nature and bird life.



We offer rooms and apartments with their own bath and toilet. Rooms have a kitchenette and apartments a full kitchen

A stay you won't forget

At the Marskhotellet you get the perfect setting for relaxation and presence. In Højer and in the beautiful surroundings of the marsh, one can think calmly. Here you can enjoy the fresh air by the North Sea and at the same time find peace of mind and body.

Our rooms and hotel apartments are designed so that there is space for you to retreat and be filled with energy and good experiences.